Sunday, 5 June 2016

New Moon Progression Tarot Spread

Well, since it is New Moon in Gemini today I believe, (sometimes I do lose track as I have the attention span of a midget for what regards keeping track of cycles and things...) I thought why not create a spread for advice in moving forward.
When I put "Prison" I was actually thinking of the Monopoly game and getting a get out free ticket and of creating a MANY cards spread....but then worked out that doing a spread that way would have simply taken too long, so I lost attention again of course...But I left "prison" because we so many times cage ourselves up (like in the 8 or 2 of Swords) where all our issues (or mostly) are actually of our own doing.
What do you want to progress with? What are you blocking yourself with? (yes you ;) ) What do you want to be released from and free to let better energies in?
This could also be about your spiritual path and how to progress. However you want to use it I hope it will be of guidance for you :).
And Happy New Moon of course :)

Feedback on how it has worked for you is always welcome :)

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