Thursday, 14 July 2016

Create Tarot Naturally by Gillian Avart - A review

"Create Tarot Naturally" is a book of just over 200 pages of thorough and helpful information on how to learn to create your own personal deck. It is well written and very clear on what to do and how to also help you interpret the cards. Each card section has its own quiz to help you retain the information and I found that useful (I usually have the attention span of a flea). 
Each card is explained and has tips on how to interpret it in the form of keywords or phrases that are helpful for beginners. Pictures of each card are included. Gill explains thoroughly the process of getting to know each card and how she came to create each one. 
The end section of the book explains the process of creating your own deck, from photographing to printing, to choosing the right accessories and software. Gill also delves on what went and could go wrong in the "Learn from my mistakes" section. 
Although this is intended to give advice to anyone wanting to create their own deck, you can also feel from reading the book that this has also been a very personal journey for the author. 
I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Tarot, from beginner to advanced, as it is not just a pleasant and useful read, but also an insight on a very personal creative process. From this, one can easily take what is useful to them and then progress on their own personal Tarot creating journey. 

And here's a direct link to the book :) CREATE TAROT NATURALLY

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