Saturday, 10 September 2016

Reflections on Swords in the Negative - 5 of Swords - DEFEAT

Next card I am going to look at (I have decided I am not going to go in an orderly fashion, rules are meant to be broken...) is the 5 of Swords. The 5's in Tarot are notoriously "difficult", they are all various stages of conflict: Loss (Cups), Defeat (Swords), Misery (Pentacles), Aggression (Wands).
Keeping in mind that Swords are Air and that we look at conflict in the mind here, I always have found the 5 of Swords a bit of a difficult card.
The Lord of Defeat is a bit uncertain.
What to do? Are the Swords left, stolen or dropped?

Do I follow them? Kill them? Stab them in the back? Go off on my own merry way? Have they stabbed me in the back?
I find this card slightly neurotic. There is the aggressiveness of the main character, he does not trust people. But then he probably does not trust himself either.
This is the opposite of being depressed or self destructive. This is the want to fight and argue your way until you get the last word (or Sword) in. The mental confusion stems from not knowing which way to go and so just acting out of ego and anger.Not caring if you are acting honestly or dishonestly. You might get retaliation but hey, you got what you wanted right?
In readings (of course also depending on the other cards) it could point to a deceitful lover, a liar and a cheat. A partner in business that is perhaps being deceitful or stealing. A mugger or someone being aggressive.
This guy does not know what to do, stay or go, move or stay still. We know the 6 of Swords is then about moving forward but how do you get from this 5 to the 6?
Well, I tell you, you would have probably stolen the boat. But hey, you're getting on the other side right?
Oh, and be careful not to be so arrogant to let yourself be caught uh?

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