Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Reflections on Swords in the Negative: 10 of Swords - erm...F**k it...

I am saving my favourites for when I am really and truly "in the mood". Ha.
Image wise I love the Anna K Tarot, best 10 of Swords ever, as you can see the figure walking away from the Swords and the blood, he's wounded but the first time I saw this card I thought it looked like he was saying: sod it am going anwyay.

This card can be a mini (or not so mini) Tower moment. Let's look at this in terms of keywords, these I am penning down myself from the "feeling" and meaning of the card:

  • Breakdown (mental or literal)
  • Ending
  • Collapse
  • Anguish
  • Pain (again mental or physical)
  • Exhaustion
  • Hitting rock bottom
  • Restart
  • Self destruction (as in self harm or related self destructive behaviours)
Yes of course it is a 10 so there is a new beginning ahead, but what? And how? Since I am looking at these also from a psychological point of view, I'd say that this would be the darkest side of depression (as if it isn't dark enough), the point reached where "f**k it" could mean going in either direction: beginning or end.
I have seen this card come out to represent someone in spirit that passed by means of suicide (the client told me afterwards), and I would say that this is very much a turning point card. Since it cannot get any worse (really?) where do I go from here? Well the choice would be mine or yours to make. In a spread of course you would have to look at the surrounding cards for the whole story.
Drawing this card as an outcome for a love reading could be an ending or a complete (and not pleasant) rehaul. For career an ending and if you were to look at physical or health matters then this could be indicative of the person being overwhelmed and exhausted. But there are so many combinations that it is difficult to try and be general.

The 10 of Swords is telling you that hey, you know this pain? It ain't going to go away, Not yet. Not unless, like in the Anna K Tarot deck,  you pick yourself up, buy some bandages and move on. Or you'll bleed to death if you choose to stay on the floor.

Be the flame, not the moth.
Giacomo Casanova

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