Monday, 19 October 2015

The Fool and the Treadmill

The Fool stopped running. "Oh my God!" he thought, the bridge has collapsed! But wait. What is it that I can see under that tree? A treadmill? What would a treadmill be doing under a tree?
The Fool walked over to the treadmill and realized that it was not just an ordinary one. Nope. It was quivering. Wait. It was moving, sideways. And then it lifted off! The Fool did not think twice, a magic treadmill! And it could fly, like a magic carpet!
The Fool jumped on it quickly and the magic treadmill flew him to the other side of the ravine, landing him safely.

The Fool in Tarot can be incredibly careless and risk taking, but the point in the above is that, if we do not take risks sometimes, we may never reach "the other side". We may never see what is ahead and we may never enjoy something new or different. As improbable as it is to find a flying treadmill under a tree, life is also always reminding us that opportunities are always around the corner. And they won't come back twice.
Like in this wonderful rendition from Ciro Marchetti The Fool can  balance on more than one thing at once. And if he falls, well, there is always next time. The Magician is just around the corner and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

When you draw The Fool in a reading perhaps the advice is to let go of your own fears and inhibitions. Take a risk, do something that you would not normally do, carpe diem.

'A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.'
William Shakespeare

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