Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A simple New Year insight Tarot spread

The below spread is one of many that I have made up for insight and advice as the New Year enters. This is really a quick and simple one if you have not got the time to do a more in depth one. Of course you can always draw more cards if you need clarification at any point. 
I am going to try and put together all the ones I have created over the years and post them here. No mean feat, as some of them go back many years.  And, since organization does not become me, I have to find them from various journals scattered all over. 
But one has to start from somewhere so here it is:

You can add an outcome card too if you wish, or an advice card. The known and unknown can also be "Light" and "Shadow", so do feel free to adapt it as you wish.
Also of course you could always change the captions depending on your needs, for example:

"What I need to leave behind"
"What I need to let in"
"What is beneficial for me"
"What is a negative influence"
"Possible Outcome"

The possibilities are endless...

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