Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hacking the Celtic Cross spread (Because life is short...)

Those that already know me would know that I have no patience for long and convoluted, over complicated spreads. In fact I like it short and sweet and 3 cards is my spread of choice, naming positions of course.
Clarifiers can always be drawn if needed but, generally, I never end up with a massive amount of cards.

So, you want a quick answer but don't usually do short spreads...but life is hectic, the children need to be fed (and so does the poor dog) still need an answer.
So why not hack away and take what you need from the spread? This is the first of my ideas for #tarothacks.
I have other spreads that I want to work with this way and many other ideas too, but I am starting with the Celtic Cross because it is the one I dislike the most, I hardly ever use it and it seems to be that, if you do not use it or know it, you are not a worthy Tarot reader.
Let's look at the general CC positions:

  1. Covers you;
  2. Crosses you;
  3. Root of the matter;
  4. Past;
  5. Possible outcome (near future);
  6. Future;
  7. Your influence in the situation;
  8. Environment and family;
  9. Hopes and fears;
  10. Outcome.
Of course there are plenty of versions but, generally, I would say this is a standard one.
Let's hack it. You can do this with 3 cards, I have chosen 5, 6, and 10 like so:

Say for example the question here was you wanting to know how a job interview went, 5/6/10 could happily give you the whole answer with the outcome.
And, of course, you could shuffle the 3 cards for more insight, asking which one is the most important?
Use the positions in the original spread that are the most apt for the questions you are asking. The Cross is very general but other spreads are much more specific in their positioning.
Now I am off and leave you with this...happy hacking :)

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