Tuesday, 12 April 2016

When Tarot goes on strike...

Yeah, you know, Tarot has not got a Union as such but it does go on strike. Have you ever experienced this? It is like losing a trusted friend, someone you turn to every day for advice and that all of a sudden says: nope, no more I ain't talking to you and if I do I won't make any sense.
Oh wait, may be I'll actually frustrate you even more and tell you, repeatedly, what you already know.
I have had a few questions/messages about this in the last few days and it seems that there is a common denominator here. The cards seem to do this when you are either really worried about something or you are asking repeated questions, or not asking the right question.
It's like they are turning around and revolting.
So why is this? Well, here's my take on it:

  1. You are obsessing over something;
  2. You are not getting the answer you want, therefore rinse and repeat;
  3. You are asking the wrong question;
  4. Your wish or question is not for your highest good;
  5. You need a break and a clearer head.
In 30 years of experience I know when I need to simply throw my hands up in the air, put the deck down (or throw it in the air too), go get a glass of wine or go for a walk. Tarot is an honest friend that can sometimes be blunt. The cards won't tell you simply what you want to know, no matter how many times your try. Most of the times you already know the answer anyway but simply won't acknowledge it. You will get an honest answer, and if you ask again you will be probably told to get lost and take a break.
I would say that, no matter what the challenge is, use the Tarot for what it is. A great tool for guidance and advice when in need of clarity. Nothing is set in stone and things can always be changed, actions cause re-actions and consequences too. Remember that you have free will. Because if you set limitations for yourself based on what the cards tell you, you are simply doing that - limiting yourself -, and why do that when everything is possible?

(deck: Gloria Jean's Infinite Visions)


  1. So funny - made me laugh out loud! We know this too well but keep on shuffling lol! Great post, P x

  2. So funny, made me laugh out loud! We know this too well but keep on shuffling haha! Great post! P x

    1. Yeah we do don't we? ;) Hope you are both well xx