Thursday, 14 April 2016

A dream, painful needles and the 9 of Swords

I had quite a convoluted and unsettling dream last night. It sounds upsetting but, if you consider that the previous night I dreamed about being tortured and flogged until flesh was coming off my bones, this was a walk in the park I guess :P. So here goes:

"My mum took me to the doctor and it turned out that I needed to go and see a surgeon because there was something wrong with one of my eyes.The surgeon was nice and tells me that I need an operation in order to have full sight again. So my mum then takes me to hospital. But then we leave and go for a walk and my nan (she passed a long time ago) steps up to me to take me back in. I am not happy about the operation because it involves inserting long needles into my right eye and all the way into my brain. Mum takes me to the operating table. Then she texted my dad to let him know. I ask the surgeon for anaesthetic and he says that he cannot give me any as I need to be awake for the procedure. I get strapped onto the operating table. He takes out these loooooong needles and then proceeds to insert them, one by one, into my eye. I felt no pain just some discomfort as I felt like something was poking inside my brain. Afterwards as I get up I can see again." 

My first thought upon waking is that the dream is subconsciously telling me that there is something I am not seeing, and it is close to me. I half expected to draw the 4 of Cups as a daily card. But no, I drew the 9 of Swords. This is about worry, repeated thoughts and of course can also be be about being so focused on something that we lose sight of everything else. My sight is restored so this is temporary. I have to say I am over tired so perhaps this was a factor in it too. A friend suggested this is about perspective, what we see (or do not see) with our own eyes is not necessarily how it is.

So I did a reading on it as in:

  • What do I need to know about this dream?
  • What is the message it tries to convey?
  • What action do I need to take? 

 1) The Lovers 

It is telling me that this is about choice, I can choose to see or not to see. I am not blind, I just need help. A little twist of the needle and the sight is restored. I have a feeling that this is literally telling me to love myself and understand beauty around me.

2) Justice
A Karmic card, this of course is a subconscious message about balance. Right and Left, Above and Below, the message is to restore this balance to the right level. Perhaps also to try and analyze the symbols in a logic manner.

3) Ace of Swords
Well what more of an action could be a card that is itself the start of an action? This is clarity, again I am seeing the suggestion to analyze the dream from a logic point of view. Not an emotional one. Thinking of it the needle itself could be the Ace of Swords, injecting clarity in what was once confusion.

I also feel this was bringing up issues from the past, with all my family present. But, to be honest, I'll probably get some more insights as the days go by :). 
(deck used: Morgan Greer)

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