Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Court cards on their first date (and what their first sentence would be...)

So, this is of course just my take on that ;), but let's have some fun with it...
You are on a first date with someone. What would their first say be upon meeting you based on their Court card persona?

Page of Cups: "I've been so hurt...I need a friend..."
Page of Swords: (sorry cannot follow the torrential flow of words, so no idea what he/she would say)
Page of Pentacles: "Hi! I work in IT!"
Page of Wands: "How do you like it?"

Knight of Cups: "Here's some flowers..." (about 3 different types of bouquets)
Knight of Swords: "Here's a list of questions I have..."
Knight of Pentacles: "Are you ambitious?"
Knight of Wands: "Let's get a room?"

Queen of Cups: "I'm a water sign you know?...*wink*"
Queen of Swords: "Now, this is how I would like it to be..."
Queen of Pentacles: "I'm hardworking, I have 4 children. Have you got any?"
Queen of Wands: "Would you like to know what I'm wearing underneath?"

King of Cups: "I'll take good care of you..."
King of Swords: " I, I, I, I, I, I am everything, what's your name again?"
King of Pentacles: "I just bought a house, do you want to settle down?"
King of Wands: "How about a trip abroad, something kinky perhaps?"

Feel free to add to this, I have these conversations going on in my head, may be sometime I'll get them to meet properly and have a proper conversation. HA!

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