Thursday, 19 May 2016

Full Moon Manifestation Tarot spread

Since tomorrow is Full Moon I thought...why not make up an easy spread for manifesting. You could use this spread also as part of a Tarot manifestation spell. Simply leave it out with anything else you have used for the ritual.
Candles are always nice to use in this case, depending on what you want to manifest, you would need:

Green: Finances
Red: Love/Passion
Pink: Romance
Black: Clearing/Banishing
Yellow: Career/Creativity

Not dipped candles by the way, but solid colour ones. 

I have added a Lenormand card at the end for extra advice just for fun. If you are not familiar with the Lenormand system feel free to ignore it (or learn it..)

So here goes:

I used my Morgan Greer deck to draw this spread about finances for myself (gulp...)

 1) Knight of Swords - Fast energies, quite likely I need to act on them and be very proactive, but positive forward movement.

2) 3 of Wands - Keep making plans, again I am feeling here the message is don't stop, keep going (stopping?? Who ya kidding?)

3) The Empress - Keep within yourself, taking care of myself and be positive. Putting my needs before others for a little while.

4) The Hanged Man - Be patient (ah well one can always hope...). Planning and reasoning without rushing will win in the end.

Lenormand advice: The Mountain - Blockages are in the way, they will need to be conquered first.

...shuffles off to pay some bills...

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